Health and Healing: A Creative Process

Through my massage therapy practice in Boulder, Colorado, my goal is to help and support my clients in their personal path towards creating optimum well-being.

Yes, the list of massage benefits could fill up this page but I like to be specific and leap above the main ones like stress relief, reducing pain, rehabilitation, etc., and speak about my philosophy as massage therapist.

In 21 years of practice of massage therapy, and many more of living, 🙂 my observations and experiences are that when we allow ourselves to enter a true or deep relaxation state, we reconnect with our bigger self (which is good news).

What happens during a massage therapy session?

It is your time, a time to let go of the business of life, to reconnect with yourself and de-stress. During massage muscle tissues relax, the nervous system re-balances, and pain eases or completely disappears. Stuck body fluids, toxins and energy begin to circulate so they can be released.

But something else can happen when you reach a deep state of relaxation. Sometimes the increased circulation is no longer limited to the physical systems of lymph and blood, but the “UMMM!”

UMMM is what I call the Underlying Magical and Mysterious Matrix. It is made of deeper recollections of your being that are not linked only to our present existence.  From a Chinese energetics and shamanic perspective, recollections in this context could be from the future, from other lives, or our ancestors.


The movement of this UMMM have benefits greater than a stress relief, which is already hugely beneficial in our busy lives. It can lead to fun surprises including:

Healing. Clarification. Empowerment.

In other words, during a true relaxation state we have an opportunity to first rest deeply, which allows the body to recharge and the nervous system to rebalance. This then becomes the platform for you to access a bigger picture, in some cases, you may experience your personal relationship with non physical realm(s).

If you are looking for transformational massage in Boulder, Colorado, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to working together!