“I always feel better after seeing Patrice—in addition to getting a wonderful massage, I walk away with incredible insights about whatever issue I’m facing. He’s helped me reconnect to my inner wisdom as well as break through limiting patterns and beliefs. I’m so thankful for Patrice’s work!” -Tanja Pajevic, Writer and Book Coach

“As a neuroscientist, psychotherapist, coach & dedicated yoga teacher who has myself suffered over a decade of chronic illness, I have sought out the best healing techniques & helping professionals internationally. I met Patrice in 2013 at a spa, and he immediately became my first choice for bodywork. What impressed me the most was his compassionate presence. Soon he began sharing shamanic insights that he gained during our sessions, and they were always spot-on, dealing with the issues I was facing in ways I was ready to hear, digest & work on. With his added expansive knowledge and grounded, human application of Chinese medicine, physiology, psychology & spirituality, he is able to offer perspectives that I find tremendously practical & comforting. Shamanism has provided a missing link on my path by allowing me to rest in the reality that we do have guidance & support, so long as we learn to ask for it. This has shown me that I was going about so much of my life as some sort of self-improvement project with very little joy or connection. Now that my symptoms are almost non-existent, I find it even more compelling to continue my sessions with him, as we are delving into the delightful & exciting possibilities of manifesting the life of my dreams in which I can share my greatest potential with all beings! It’s pretty much impossible for me to express the gratitude I feel for Patrice & the realms he has opened up for me…” -Jen-Mitsuke Peters, Denver, CO

“I have had massages all over the world and found the best massage right here in Boulder. As a seventy-year old active person, I arrived at Patrice’s with aches and pains everywhere, including an old ankle injury that had resurfaced and a consistent pain in my lower back. After the massage, all pain disappeared and for the first time in years, I woke up pain free. I strongly recommend Patrice as a massage therapist and body worker!”
-Liliana, Boulder, Colorado

“Patrice Bazile is a gifted body worker who is endowed with an enormous heart and extensive spiritual wisdom. I recommend his services for anyone looking for a truly healing and transformative experience.”
– Heather Hans, Visionary, Healer & Teacher

“I am 65 and I have had false sciatica pain for at least a decade. I don’t know what you did last session. I was pain free for two weeks for the first time in years. I have massage all the time and I never had an effect like this before.”

“Patrice’s work is transformative. He has a strong and balanced presence and the experience to provide healing support on whatever level issues are presenting themselves: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. He is intuitive, respectful, and works with an open heart. I would highly recommend him to anyone, especially those seeking more ease and creative flow in their life.”
– Robyn Tighe