Integrative Massage

I combine different modalities of massage and bodywork. I might take your pulses to gain accurate organic information about energy patterns or imbalance, as well as using traditional massage techniques along with intuitive guidance through your body and the chakra system. Or again I may work with different layers in just one area of your body. I might invite you to breathe in different way or at different places, or guide you through visualization. These integrative massage sessions are teamwork. I will check in with you  throughout and share any insights I might have received during our work.

What about trauma?
Trauma escapes from the time. The body holds it intact, unchanged, untransformed, hidden between layers of overlapping muscles, fascia, bones…often for many years. The body holds trauma until it has a chance to deliver its memory, until we are invited to bring back the time through our presence and our intention.

I work with compassion, respect, and gentleness to facilitate the return of the time where trauma has been stored. Transformation is the movement of life that we all need in order to gain a greater capacity to create a healthy life with a feeling of completeness and unification, and to gain a greater relation with our self and others.

If something comes up that is beyond the scope of massage, I do refer to other community practitioners such as psychotherapists, acupuncturists and shamanic practitioners.

Shamanic Massage

The purpose of shamanic massage is to find guidance and information to return the body and soul to balance and harmony.

What is shamanism?
Shamanism is an earth-based spirituality practiced all over the world, though with different names. Dan Van Kampanahout, my teacher, calls it “the art of communicating from soul to soul.”

What happens during a shamanic massage?
After my client and I set an intention for the session, I communicate with my unseen guides and my client’s guides to receive guidance. Sometimes, the underlying cause of pain or energy blockage holds an unseen element (such as an event from another lifetime, an issue in the ancestral lineage, a forgotten soul commitment, etc.). Once we know what the issue is, we can work through it. As the client is receiving a massage, information that comes through often has the power to clarify the situation as well as provide answers helpful to our physical reality. The spiritual guidance enhances the benefit of the massage, often facilitating deeper relaxation.

Shamanic Massage Testimonial:
As a neuroscientist, psychotherapist, coach & dedicated yoga teacher who has myself suffered over a decade of chronic illness, I have sought out the best healing techniques & helping professionals internationally.  I met Patrice in 2013 at a spa, and he immediately became my first choice for bodywork.  What impressed me the most was his compassionate presence.  Soon he began sharing shamanic insights that he gained during our sessions, and they were always spot-on, dealing with the issues I was facing in ways I was ready to hear, digest & work on.  With his added expansive knowledge and grounded, human application of Chinese medicine, physiology, psychology & spirituality, he is able to offer perspectives that I find tremendously practical & comforting.  Shamanism has provided a missing link on my path by allowing me to rest in the reality that we do have guidance & support, so long as we learn to ask for it.  This has shown me that I was going about so much of my life as some sort of self-improvement project with very little joy or connection.  Now that my symptoms are almost non-existent, I find it even more compelling to continue my sessions with him, as we are delving into the delightful & exciting possibilities of manifesting the life of my dreams in which I can share my greatest potential with all beings!  It’s pretty much impossible for me to express the gratitude I feel for Patrice & the realms he has opened up for me…
-Jen-Mitsuke Peters, Denver, CO